Break Pack v0.8

Engine : RPG Maker VX
Version : 0.8

What is this?

This is a script pack that I make 2 years ago for RPG Maker VX. This pack add a lot of visual improvement.


  • Animated mouse cursor
  • In-map HUD
  • Element Evolution
    • for adding element into weapons and armors
  • Scene Menu, Item, and Skill
    • Fully intergrated with mouse system
  • Icon Frame
    • Icons will have a frame
    • Each icon can have different frame
  • Face Frame
    • Frame for face graphics
    • can be switched of with switch
  • Orb System
    • Weapon effect can be added with orbs
    • Only 5 orbs effect for now, which is Lifesteal, Critical Strike, Mana Break, Mana Steal, and Bash 




  • DrDhoom
  • DerVVulfman for the Mouse Module
  • Modern Algebra for the Pathfinding
  • Woratana for the Mouse system

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