Open for Script Commisions

Hey guys, do you want to hire me to create a script for you? or modify existing scripts? Just contact me at:
Facebook :
Email: /

I'm also a Graphic Designer, you can commission me for art or make a print design etc.
Here's my DeviantArt :

 What kind of script that I will accept?

  • RGSS, RGSS2, RGSS3, or MV Plugin
  • Custom Battle System (but don't expect it to be cheap)
  • Custom Menu
  • Title Screen
  • Mini game
  • Compatibility Fix (I've to look at both script first, I can deny this if it's too much)
  • HUD
  • etc... if your request is not in this list neither below, just ask me

What kind of script that I wont accept?

  • Online stuff
  • 3D stuff

Payment method:

  • Paypal
  • Indonesia Local Bank Transfer (BNI / BRI)

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