Manipulate State v1.04

Engine : RPG Maker VX Ace
Version: 1.04

What is this?

Just like in Final Fantasy VII, successfully manipulated enemies are under your full control (wears off when you hit them). They are added to the player's party until they die, run way, the state wears off, or you end the battle somehow (victory or escape).


  • Add any/as many skills as you want to the enemy's skillset.
  • Easy to set up via notetags.
  • Many enemies can be manipulated at once
  • Manipulated enemies are added to the party's battle window and you use the same way you would use your player.
  • Added compatibility for YEA-SkillCostManager, Tsukihime's Cursor Memory, VE Toggle Target, VE Materia System, - DoubleX (YSA Battle System: Classical ATB Bug Fix)  


  • YEA - Ace Battle Engine v1.15+
  • YSA Battle System: Classical ATB




  • DrDhoom
  • joeyjoejoe (Commission requester)
  • DoubleX (YSA Battle System: Classical ATB Bug Fix)

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