Dungeon Match 3 : Devlog #1

Devlog time!!!

Man, a long time since I've posted a new post. And I'm stuck with the tutorial, sorry about that :(

Anyway, this time I'll talk about my current solo project, which is Dungeon Match 3 (could be changed later). The game is about a fallen hero that has been resurrected to fight the evils and save the world (pretty cliche right? well... ).

The genre is Puzzle RPG, which is a fusion of match 3 mechanic (Candy Crush, Bejeweled) with RPG elements. You have to match 3 objects or more to gain powers, that will be used to perform an action.

Here's the stage editor screenshot:

And here's the ingame screenshot:

And here's the gameplay video:

There's a few placeholder that I've to change. But the interface pretty much final.
Give some thoughts or ideas below, I appreciate it :)

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